The Prologue

Scroll down to learn more about World Mental Health Day, the World Federation for Mental Health – the organisation that conceptualised the day and brought it into reality, and the Global Campaigns conducted by the federation in the past.


About the World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day was observed for the first time on 10 October 1992. The day, officially commemorated every year on October 10th, aims to raise awareness in the global community about the critical mental health agendas – with a unifying voice through collaboration with various partners – to take action and to create lasting change.


About the World Federation for Mental Health

WFMH is an international membership organization founded in 1948 to advance, among all peoples and nations, the prevention of mental and emotional disorders, the proper treatment and care of those with such disorders, and the promotion of mental health.

The mission of the World Federation for Mental Health is to promote the advancement of mental health awareness, prevention of mental disorders, advocacy, and best practice recovery focused interventions worldwide.


The Global Campaigns So Far

Every year, to recognize the World Mental Health Day, the World Federation for Mental Health organizes a Global Campaign to unite all the stakeholders across the globe. Learn more about our recent Global Campaigns!


Mental Health
for All

Global Campaign 2020
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Mental Health in an Unequal World

Global Campaign 2021
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List of WFMH Officials

WFMH Leadership

UN and WHO Representatives

Office of the Secretary- General