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Right to Express

The Right to Express initiative aspires to provide a platform to unite diverse communities worldwide through lived experiences, solution-focused plans, action-oriented ideas, and impactful narratives. Human rights are interrelated and the Right to Express initiative hopes to bring forward a unified voice, highlighting how the experiences of people have been shaped by a lack of recognition of mental health as a universal human right, along with their perspectives about the same. Join us in our Global Campaign 2023 and engage with the Right to Express initiative by sharing your message.

Fill out the form given below and have your thoughts considered for future initiatives and efforts of the World Federation for Mental Health. Selected messages will also be featured on our website and digital platforms. Let’s unite and advocate for mental health as a universal human right and foster a world of well-being for all!

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Express through Art

Art is a powerful medium to express oneself when words cannot do justice. Through our Express Through Art initiative, we hope to use art to help our understanding of the significance of recognizing mental health as a universal human right. The activities aim to help people understand their feelings around the theme and essential aspects of mental health. Art transcends the barriers of various identities, allowing people to foster a deeper connection and share their diverse experiences.

Explore our art based activities given below and engage with the theme of this year’s campaign!


Activity 1

Doodling the Theme

The theme this year is ‘Mental Health is a Universal Human Right’.
How do you feel when you hear these words? Use words, images, doodles etc. on a sheet of paper or any desired medium to convey your thoughts about the theme. We invite you to express any and all feelings that this subject brings up for you. You can share your artistic creation on social media and tag our official account.

Activity 2

Exploring the Theme

Know your rights around mental health! We encourage you to research the mental health provisions in place that are currently accessible to you. It can be laws, NGOs, emergency helplines – anything that supports or is related to mental health. We intend to build awareness about the current provisions, to know what we as the stakeholders are inheriting and building on together.

Activity 3

Reflecting on the Theme

Being human binds us together, and human rights attend to the needs of being a human. This exercise aspires to help you understand what freedom and justice mean to you as a human. Are there any mental health provisions that are currently not understood as a necessity? How would you like to see mental health develop into a universal right? Reflect on elements about mental health you wish to shed awareness on. You can use symbols, colours, words etc and create an image for your vision. You can also use movements, dialogues, music, photos etc to convey your vision. There is no artistic limitation, use your creativity. We welcome expressions using diverse aesthetics.

Disclaimer: We encourage you to be safe and thorough while engaging with the above prompts.

Express through Art

From the above activities, we invite you to share your thoughts and creative expressions with us via the enclosed form!

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